first things first


We'll start with some prior preparation.

Before we talk I will email you a briefing document that will ask you challenging and thoughtful questions like:

  • how do you want your clients to feel when engaging with you brand?
  • what are some of the biggest challenges and points of pain that you're currently facing?
  • if your brand were a person what would they like to do on the weekends?
  • is there an important philosophy underpinning your business approach?
  • what inspired this brand of yours?
  • do you have quotes from people who have said excellent things about you?
  • are there any constraints or last minute things I need to take into account?

Then we'll have a chat over the phone, SKYPE or in person if you live in Melbourne!

In this initial conversation we'll walk in great detail through your responses to my briefing document as well as covering absolutely EVERYTHING that is involved in the copywriting process, from proposal to quote to revisions to research.

second things second

I'll send you a proposal.

I will put together a detailed proposal and email to you for your tick of approval and you signature :)

It will outline:

  • your biggest pain points and my proposed solutions to them
  • an estimated time line for what I'll do and when I'll do it by
  • my proven track record and quotes from people who have loved my work
  • my terms and conditions
  • a quoted total for the project and payment details

Once you've given me the green light that you're excited, we'll get started. 

I will send you a lovely tax invoice for 50% of the quoted total, and once that's landed in my front yard, we'll get started. Unfortunately as I am a one woman show I am unable to commence work on your project until I have received your deposit.

third things third

I'll work on nailing your tone

The first email you will receive from me after your initial deposit has been received will be 100 words of the proposed tone that I reckon matches your brand and genuinely conveys your vision.

 It's up to you to give me the YAY or the NAY on this document quickly as it will inform the quality and tone of the copy as we move along. Fear not however, as you will be given lots of time to review each draft, add detailed comments and propose important changes to our work.

Each copy item will include two rounds of revisions.

Depending on your needs, from WO to GO, our process should see us working together for anywhere between one month to six weeks (and hopefully for ever and ever after that!).

Once the final drafts have been completed, wowed and okayed by you, I will send you an invoice for the final amount and you will have seven days to funnel that through to my bank account or PayPal.

Once your copy has been fully paid for, you own the rights to it, AKA, it's your's honey!


Please Note

I will continue to work on your copy until it is truly astonishing you, however I do ask that you be nice and respect our agreement. Which means doing your utmost to review each draft and comment within three to seven days so as we can get you achieving magical things ASAP.

I also offer a 103.9% satisfaction guarantee, so if you're not happy you'll have your dough back in your hand.


Ready to start a revolution all of your own?