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SEO Web Copywriting

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It's a fancy word for making sure that when your miracle clients are searching for a product or service like yours through search engines like Google that they find you! 

Tailored headings, indexation, sitemaps, subheadings, specific keywords, and punchy, well researched copy that reads in plain English are just a few of the ways for making sure Google's algorithms like you and push your page up from the depths. 

I am also an unapologetic fan of using metric software to identify the keywords and marketing strategies your closest competitors are using. Knowing what other's are doing is cheeky, but it helps us to ensure that we have a strategy and aren't just stabbing in the night time dark hoping remarkable things will happen. Software programs such as Spy Fu and Alexa are excellent tools for analysing your competitors and informing our approach to SEO.  

So, in short SEO web copywriting means I can write your webpages using a genuine strategy and surefire process that will convert to more business, awareness and search engine love.

Articles, Blog Posts, Grant Applications and Reports

Got a grant application due next week that you haven't started? A bit competitive but need the funds from someone with a bit to share to take you to the edge of your potential?

I can help you to craft a remarkable grant application or industry report  that will blow the soy milk out of their tea.

My own words have been published in The Guardian UK, The Good Good Girl, Pilerats and others. I have also worked with in the not for profit sector for over nine years and in that time helped to secure funds for some really excellent initiatives.

My research skills are highly refined- as a result of regular deep work and thesis writing and I can guarantee that my skills will add credibility and sophistication to the important conversations that you are wanting to generate around your brand and radical ideas.

My love of rigour also extends to blog posts and feature articles. I lead a simple life and refrain from syncing my time on social media, which means that I have had to build my own audience from scratch: no likes for the sake of likes, just people who genuinely believe in my message. So if you too want to build a loyal, authentic following, not by amassing likes and comments but by crafting skilful, remarkable prose and original ideas then I take my socks off to you and would love to share some of my stella tips (and my skills of course) to help you realise the greatest things.

E-Newsletter, Old Fashioned and Content Marketing 

Email newsletters are ubiquitous, which is a posh way of saving "everyone gets way too many emails and unless yours is bloody remarkable, people won't read it."

 Everyone from Uncle Sam's strawberry jam, to large corporations like Big Bad Mining PTY LTD use email marketing, primarily in the form of newsletters to communicate regularly with their audience.

The tricky thing is being read and offering a point of difference. You need compelling swoon worthy copy, a brilliant headline and the right balance of written content to visuals that leaves your audience eager to receive the next instalment from you. 

You also might want to take a look at your email marketing tool. Mail Chimp is so passé. You need to get personal and build a strategy that connections with the emotions of your following.

What do they care about, what would move them to take action? Let's do some research and find out so as our campaign can be one that adds fundamental value to your clients' lives.

If your newsletter isn't meeting a need that exists in your followers then it's likely to be trashed or left unopened.

Content marketing, what's that?

Content Marketing is a service you give away to your following for free. It may be in the form of:

  • a blog post with useful tips and tricks
  • an interview series with inspiring leaders in your field
  • an insider podcast
  • an instructive video
  • an expert template that simplifies a difficult process
  • a terrific e book or e course
  • a checklist or resource that streamlines a complex task

Content marketing is great, not just because people love to receive free stuff. By freely giving away your best advice and remarkable resources you will come to be regarded not only as generous, but as an authority in your field. If you're not too keen on sales talk, content marketing is a sure fire way to deliver reliable, value adding content to your clients and prospective clients.  It allows you to be authentic, to share your knowledge and expertise freely and to be remembered as the leader you are.





Press Release Copywriting and Pitching

Wouldn't it be sensational if your local news outlet ran a bonanza story on you and your remarkable idea and helped do some of the marketing leg work for you?  Or how's this, if a national news outlet picked you and your dream team up because your press release was so darn compelling?

Or if you're band finally got booked for a top notch venue because your press kit left the booking agent in happy tears?

Press release writing, like SEO web copywriting needs to follow a methodical strategy. It needs to be thoughtfully crafted to maximise the attention it grabs. The same goes for pitching. If you're aiming but just haven't got the muscle and technique, if you keep pitching with that same goofy arm, you're going to miss again and again.

Opportunities await people like you, but you need the right technique. 


Skillfully Crafted Resumes and Cover Letters

Are you heading in the direction of your dream career and need a little special attention to give you the competitive edge on your application?

Are you exhausted, stressed and procrastinating again and just want to throw it over to someone you can trust to make you shine?

I can help!

I have studied (and aced) CV and selection criteria writing at Monash University and have supported many young and older people to succeed in landing their dream jobs.

I'd love to give you some secrets that can help you to nail it.


Brand Tone, Story and Identity

Your clients trust in your brand, and their subsequent investment in YOU, comes down to you conveying your vision with authenticity, remark-ability and above all with consistency.

If your clients feel friction when buying form you, if they get even a little bit scared and sniff even a teeny whiff of inconsistency, they'll run for the beach and likely won't return. It sounds harsh, but it's true. Unless you have a solid brand, a consistent tone and are adding core value to the lives of your following (which means they can't do without your service, product or those weekly emails) by creating really sensational content, then you'll likely sink.

In short, you need a point of difference, something that sets you apart and you need to be able to convey it gently and with precision.

 If you want to revolutionise your field and blow a little bit of broom broom dust in your competitors faces, you need to be a bit radical.


No to Social Media Marketing

Just a note to clarify why I haven't got some eager widgets exciting you to share, like and comment on my content.

I do not offer social media support.


I am not on social media.

I address some of the common objections to this stance in a recent blog post.

But I trust you're attention span is waning, so in short: I am a professional that values depth. 

That is going really deep into things. Into writing, researching and relationships.

Social media takes me out of depth and makes me feel wired and a little bit anxious.

The time and energy that most people sync on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Linked In, I spend on writing remarkable copy and meeting strict deadlines.

Depth makes me a better writer and in turn enables me to deliver a higher quality product to my clients in a shorter amount of time that my competitors.

So, sorry. I can't and won't help you with your social media campaign, but I will help you to cultivate an audience of people who genuinely give a shirt about your message, because your message is really quite wonderful.



Ready to get started? 

Remember that I guarantee all of my work, to 103.9%. If you're not alert famous after working with me (at least with your partner) then I will happily hand you your dough back.

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