Melbourne copywriter

Hi, I'm Jessie and I'm a Melbourne based copywriter.

I help remarkablepurpose driven people to create powerful social impact.

I work with courageous entrepreneurs, revolutionary startups, daring small businesses, pioneering not for profit organisations and emerging social enterprises.

I create authentic, swoon worthy copy that nails your purpose, freeing you up to obsess over your why and achieve remarkable things.


Embarking on a new entrepreneurial endeavour can be scary; nay terrifying (but also tremendous)- believe me, I've been there too!

In the interest of saving your nervous system from self destructing, as your copywriter I promise to:

  • Take the hassle, stress and anxiety out of writing remarkable copy, enabling you to focus your energy on the aspects of your business that genuinely excite you

  • Craft authentic, swoon worthy copy that astonishes your audience, converts to more business and establishes you as a proven leader with a whole lot of heart

  • Help you to create a sustainable business model that attracts you a loyal client base and gives you the unlimited confidence you need to keep running up that hilll

  • Challenge you to think laterally about your brand and ask you surprising questions to tease out your vision

  • Identify who your ideal, most promising client is and help you to pitch your services or products directly to them

  • Be professional, genuine and a darn pleasure to work with

  • Improve your SEO (or ranking in Google) and give you a tonne of simple advice on how you can continually index your site 

  • Give you a 103.9% satisfaction guarantee, or your dough back in your hand

Atira Tan

Atira Tan


CEO and Founding Director


Art to Healing


Jessie was very thoughtful, and puts so much care and consideration into her work and writing. 

With Jess's help, Art to Healing was able to re-vamp and upgrade our website. Gracefully and intelligently, she crafted together pages about our organisation's and its mission and vision. This has been of great help to Art to Healing as a volunteer charity, and we are very thankful to Jessie for her hard work and amazing talent.

I would highly recommend Jessie to any individual, business or charity organisation looking to improve their content and copy, and to anyone needing editing or writing support. It's totally worth it, and Jessie saved Art to Healing so much time, effort and energy with her support. 

103.9% satisfaction guarantee?

But you probably want to know who I am first...


Oh, and in case you're wondering why the lone widget below, I am NOT on social media, nor do I offer social media copywriting.

You can read about why in this recent blog post.

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